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Your students + customers are busy people.

Did you know you have up to 6 seconds to hook their roaming attention, not long at all is it.

Every word on your website, post, and email needs to grab their attention and lead them throughout a carefully cultivated "buyer's journey".


Yes, you need a magnetic marketing agency that is as savy as you are. Hello there, I'm Gilly!

Our Process is Simple. We Listen, We Create, We Deliver.

A clear plan with strategies that make you memorable.

Easy-to-read 'choppy copy' that converts 

Logical, well-planned websites to hook and convert

What we do

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Meet Magnetic Marketing

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Satine & Django

Magnetic Marketing is made up of
Gilly (CEO), Satine, and Django (fun-lovin' office assistants!)

We work with Entrepreneurs, like you, to get seen and loved.

Together we'll create magic that will delight your customers!

I (Gilly) am a passionate yogi and lover of all things wellness - I'm as excited to work on your project as you are!

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