Magnetic marketing

Taking the overwhelm out of wellness marketing 

For small business owners who want support + success

Attract your dream customers

I'll bet you have 101 things to do in day-to-day life, and marketing is the first job to fall down the priority list...


...Then things get quiet, and panic sets in.


>>A feast or famine cycle that burns you out!<<​

Well, it's time to set up your marketing, so it works for YOU. 

Imagine this...Your business grabs the attention of your dream customers.


They're then guided off social media and into your business.

Once there, they take a carefully cultivated journey

after which they can't resist clicking:

"Buy Now," "Sign Up," or "Book a Session"

This is magnetic marketing. Hello, I'm Gilly!

It's simple. We Listen, We Create, We Deliver.

A clear, simple plan with strategies that get you LOVED.

Easy-to-read copy that converts  and get's you SEEN

Logical, well-planned websites that  SELL

What we do

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Meet Magnetic Marketing

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Magnetic Marketing is made up of
Gilly (CEO), Satine, and Django (fun-lovin' office assistants!)

We work with Entrepreneurs, like you, to take the overwhelm out of your marketing and get things running smoothly - and effectively.

Together we'll create marketing magic that will delight the hearts and minds of your customers!

I (Gilly) am a passionate yogi and lover of all things wellness - I'm as excited to work on your project as you are!

Satine & Django

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Magnetic Marketing

Based in Ireland but helping small business owners across the world

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