Welcome to Magnetic Marketing

What we're all about

Hi there and welcome to Magnetic Marketing - the place where you can get your business seen, loved and selling without the huge price tag!

Magnetic Marketing exists because I, Gilly, understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want to succeed in your small business, to stand out and reach your goals and aspirations - and you want that to happen without the stress and struggles that sometimes go with marketing your own small business.


Founded in 2021 by me, Magnetic Marketing started as a dream to help small business owners set up and thrive. But while Magnetic Marketing is new(ish), my experience, methods and passion aren’t.

For the past decade, I have been using the power of strategy and words to help create powerful and profitable outcomes. I founded a successful yoga centre and retail store in Spain and enjoyed rapid growth and expanded to a team of 15 with 1,000+ students. While realising that while I loved my job, my heart lay elsewhere. And that was helping wellness businesses succeed.

The services you will find here at Magnetic Marketing are all driven by affordability, passion and proven methods, so you can be sure that when you partner with me, you are getting a sidekick that is there to support you every step of the way. Not someone who is going to "set and forget" you.

It is how I help you to really cut through the noise and master your marketing so you can get seen, loved and selling in your small business quicker and easier than ever before.

Our Values

We've cracked the code to make wellness businesses thrive.  We stick to our values - the thing that sets us apart and makes working with us a fresh experience.


We do it with passion and years of experience, giving you more time to do what you love most.

Keep it simple

Marketing shouldn't be overwhelming. 

It's about connecting an amazing offer with the people it's made for using proven methods that work repeatedly. Simple

Passion + quality

We genuinely and wholeheartedly support wellness business owners in their mission to succeed.


We do this affordably, quickly and with red-hot passion

Proven methods

We keep it simple using proven marketing strategies that work.

No fluff, no fads, no guesswork.

Creative team

Gilly Naughton


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Likes: Results. Simple solutions. Juicy projects. Happy clients. Yoga. Every animal she's ever met

Dislikes: Meaningless marketing speak. Missed deadlines. Mean people. Early mornings 

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Likes: Meeting people (inc vets). Sleeping. Car rides. Long walks

Dislikes: Rain. Being caught stealing food. Otherwise a pretty happy guy.



Likes: Roast chicken. Long walks. Playing with Django's emotions

Dislikes: Car rides. Vets. Anything vet related. Rain. Getting caught sleeping on the furniture. 

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