About Gilly

The "Marketing Yogi!"
Hello, I'm Gilly Naughton, I'm a Website Designer, Copywriter, and of course Yogi who loves creating impactful websites and writing copy that connects!
Before I became a magnetic marketer I had a career in nursing, before pursuing yoga and later energy healing as a passion. Shortly after studying for my yoga teaching cert, I founded a successful yoga center and retail store in Spain.  With rapid growth, a team of 15 and 1,000+ students, I came to the heart-centered decision to share my marketing skills with other wellness entrepreneurs back home, helping them flourish their businesses too.  

Gilly x
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Satine + Django

Two fun-lovin' Rhodesian Ridgebacks! Their fur family's purpose is to hunt lions in Africa...but these two found a cushy marketing job instead.

Satine's hobbies: Sleeping on sofas (because she's not meant to) and chasing small fluffy things

Django's hobbies: Running for miles across the open countryside (with permission), and yoga (Uhm, yes you did read that right!)
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