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You're Great.
We think you’ll like us too.

Marketing shouldn't be overwhelming. 

It's about connecting an amazing offer with the people it's made for using proven methods that work repeatedly. Simple.

Proven Methods

We keep it simple using multiple proven marketing strategies that work.

No fluff, no fads, no guesswork.


We genuinely and wholeheartedly support wellness business owners in their mission to succeed.


We do this affordably, quickly and with *Red-Hot* passion.

Keep it simple
Hi there, welcome to   Magnetic Marketing.
Are you looking to get your business lit up like a sparkler against the night sky? Then welcome; you're in the right place.

Most small business owners start out brimming with excitement and raring to go...until...

You're hit by *so* much time-consuming work trying to survive, and to top it off, you feel like you're chasing your tail *argh*- Enter a marketing agency that is as brave as you are. Hello you.

When you partner with us, you get a sidekick to support you every step. Not someone who is going to "set and forget" you.

So let's make you unforgettable. Without the huge price tag!

Introducing Our
Digital Marketing Mastermind

Gilly headshot colour 2.JPG
Gilly Naughton

Creative Director

Likes: Clever copy. Happy clients. Yoga. Every animal she's ever met, tea + coffee

Dislikes: Meaningless marketing speak. Missed deadlines. Mornings 

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