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Magnetic Attraction Marketing

Find New Students

Spark Joy
(and maybe
a glow!) 

Ignite Hearts with Powerful Offers

That Make Your Studio Irresistible

Attract Students Who LOVE Your Studio!

Does your yoga studio feel more like a revolving door than a welcoming sanctuary?


Imagine a space brimming with friendly faces – a supportive community where everyone feels valued and connected.


That's the magic of targeted marketing!

Stop wasting time and money on generic ads that miss the mark. We help you attract the ideal students: yogis who resonate with your unique spirit and share your passion for growth.

Targeted marketing means:

  • Bespoke Classes: Design workshops and events that perfectly suit your ideal student's goals.

  • Stronger Connections: Attract students who become your yoga family, not just another face in the class.

  • Happy Wallets: Reach the right people, ditch expensive scattergun marketing, and watch your studio grow.

Broad marketing might fill the room, but it won't fill your hearts. Let's work together to find your yoga tribe!


We'll help you craft a targeted marketing plan that attracts passionate yogis, builds a thriving community, and makes your studio the envy of the neighbourhood.

See our Brand Book for more information, or book a free call.

Content Marketing

Is your studio a hidden gem in a crowded wellness world? You know you offer something special, but potential yogis just aren't finding you. Stop shouting into the void!

Content marketing is the secret weapon you need to attract the right yogis and build a thriving community.

Think of it as a friendly conversation with your ideal student. Through blog posts, engaging social media content, and inspiring email sequences, you can:

  • Showcase your passion for yoga: Share your unique teaching style and create a welcoming online space that reflects your studio's vibe.

  • Become a trusted source: Informative content establishes you as a yoga expert, inspiring confidence in potential students.

  • Build deeper connections: Engaging content cultivates a sense of community and allows you to connect with yogis before they even walk through your door.

  • Drive more sign-ups: Valuable content keeps your audience engaged and excited, ultimately leading them to join your classes and workshops.

Magnetic Marketing can help! We'll work with you to develop a strategic content marketing plan that's tailored to your studio's style and target audience.


We'll craft content that resonates with your ideal student, keeping them informed, inspired, and excited about what you have to offer.

Stop shouting – start attracting yogis who love what you do! Contact us today and let's create content that builds your community.

Website Optimisation and SEO

Online Signage to Your Studio

Imagine a beautiful yoga studio, perfectly designed for mindful practice, but hidden down a dark alley with no signage. In the digital world, that alley is a website that's difficult to find and navigate. That's why website optimisation and SEO are crucial for your studio.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of making your website more visible in search engine results.  There are many benefits for your studio:

  • Attract New Students: When your website ranks higher in search results, more people searching for yoga classes in your area will discover your studio.

  • Increase Your Website Traffic: SEO helps people find the information they need on your website, leading to more website visitors and potential new students.

  • Improve User Experience: A well-optimised website is easy to navigate and provides a good experience for visitors, encouraging them to explore your offerings.

  • Build Trust & Credibility: An SEO-optimised website signals professionalism and trustworthiness, making a good first impression on potential students.

But navigating the world of SEO can be tricky. That's where we come in.

We can help you optimise your website and implement effective SEO strategies to reach your target audience. 


Find out more about website optimisation and SEO today!

Online Advertising

Reach Your Ideal Students with Targeted Ads (PPC)

Don't wait for students to find you - reach them directly with targeted online ads!

That's where Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising comes in. PPC allows you to target your ideal yoga student with laser focus.

Here's how PPC can benefit your studio:

  • Attract Ready-to-Join Yogis: Reach people actively seeking yoga classes, not just browsing the web.

  • Targeted Audience: Focus your ads on demographics and interests, ensuring you reach the perfect student for your studio.

  • Increased Website Traffic: Drive qualified leads to your website, where they can learn more about your offerings and sign up for classes.

  • Measurable Results: Track the success of your campaigns and adjust them for optimal performance.

PPC advertising can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. We'll handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best - creating a thriving yoga community.

Let's work together to develop a PPC strategy that gets results and fills your classes with enthusiastic yogis. Contact us today to discuss your studio's online advertising needs!

How to Get Started

Ready to Meet Your New Students?


Book Your Free Consultation.


Discover how we can craft a marketing strategy that builds a thriving community, fosters loyalty, and fuels your studio's success.

Limited slots available! Schedule yours today!

Client Testimonial

"I knew my website needed work but I didn’t know where to start and as a busy small business owner there never seemed to be the time to get it done.
Gilly really helped zone in one some key areas that I could address and her audit and consequent presentation was thorough, precise and immediately actionable.
It helped see clearly what needed to be done and I could prioritize and move forward confidently. She’s also extremely encouraging and helped me see what I was doing well and build on that.
It really matters that Gilly is experienced in the yoga and wellness marketplace and I felt she “got” me.
She’s efficient, experienced and has excellent insight. I’m still working with her and I’d highly recommend her services.”

Cathi Murphy Yoga hOMe Sligo: Website Audit

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