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I'm, Gilly

In a nutshell

Studio Marketing Specialist

Magnetic Marketing Owner

In a nutshell...


Happy clients. Effective copywriting.  Websites that convert. Strategies. Yoga & fitness. Every animal she's ever met, and of course, tea and coffee!


Fluffy ineffective marketing. Missed deadlines. Lack of transparency. When people over-promise and under-deliver.

The whole story...

Yoga and marketing – an unusual duo, but it's a blend that just works for me. As a dedicated digital marketing specialist, I'm passionate about helping yoga studios thrive in the online world.

What makes me uniquely qualified to guide your studio's marketing journey? I've walked the same path as you, having successfully run my own yoga centre and athleisure store. I understand the challenges you face and the strategies that truly drive results.

Did you know that a staggering 81% of startup yoga studios close within their first year? That's a sobering statistic, but I'm here to help you defy those odds.

Let me be your GPS in the digital marketing jungle. Together, we'll navigate this landscape with budget-friendly strategies that save you time and money while propelling your studio to success.

It really matters that Gilly is experienced in the yoga and wellness marketplace, and I felt she “got” me.


She’s efficient, experienced and has excellent insight. I’m still working with her, and I’d highly recommend her services.”

Cathi Murphy Yoga hOMe Sligo

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Our Values
and promise to you

Marketing shouldn't be overwhelming. 

It's about connecting an amazing offer with the people it's made for using proven methods that work repeatedly. Simple.

We Use Proven Methods

We keep it simple using multiple proven marketing strategies that work.

No fluff, no fads, no guesswork.

We're Passionate

We genuinely and wholeheartedly support studio owners in their mission to succeed.


We do this affordably, quickly and with *Red-Hot* passion!

We Keep it simple
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