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Getting your business seen shouldn't be so hard; it shouldn’t have you feeling each day like you want to throw your phone across the room or even worse - that you just want to give it all up.

In fact, it should be something that isn’t only easy - but something you should enjoy doing that gets you bucket loads of results.

Imagine your business like a well-oiled machine running on autopilot – and you feeling *so* confident that the effort and energy you have put in will result directly in sales for your business!

This is exactly what you can expect from working with Magnetic Marketing!

We will work together to cure your small business struggles in a short few weeks.

We'll carry out an audit, then you can expect to be walked through step-by-step exactly why you may be struggling with your social media and website conversions. We'll then give you a unique plan crafted for your business.

If you’re reading this thinking “umm ohh YES I need this in my business, then let’s chat more today!


We will build a standout brand that people remember and return to

Your tone of voice helps you portray the personality of your brand. And that brand personality? Well, it’s been proven to build trust and connection, which we *know* leads to huge benefits for your business. It also can help create a fantastic entire customer journey when used right.

  • You will discover who you serve and why you are the solution for them.

We will craft compelling, captivating and CONCISE messages that you can use all across your brand to help show your audience exactly why YOU are the ONE for them!!

  • We'll create a "S/he's the one for me" brand

The 1+1 strategy will solve one of the main problems many small business owners face; content marketing overwhelm.

So often business owners can get so lost and overwhelmed trying to cover ALL social media options. But here’s the thing... the most SUCCESSFUL small business owners know and practice this strategy.

  • Social media strategy 



Let's create or uplevel your website and copywriting enabling you to speak directly to the hearts of your ideal customer

It's now time to create the strongest business we can! By moving traffic off social media and into your business to a website that converts.

We'll audit or create your website on the correct platform for your business needs; Taking into account - this is not just about right now, but your future goals, too!

  • Get the right platform for your business needs

  • ​We'll use a high-converting website structure so people will take action

  • Next level conversion copywriting

We will design a high converting website on the right platform with the right structure for your business, so you can make more sales and capture more people in your email list 



Your business is now ready to be supercharged and scaled using paid Ads, campaigns and funnels.

The important work we have done in steps 1 + 2  will now be boosted with paid ads and campaigns to create Magnetic Marketing!

Ongoing support: Continue to Soar!

When your project's complete you can opt for monthly support or ad-hock help with seasonal campaigns. 

Monthly retainer €400-2,o00 depending on your business needs

Ad hock work: Quote